Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fatherly Follies

So, last night, I'm reading One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish to The Littlest Critic when we come to the following page:

whereupon, my beloved daughter for whom I gave up a good job for a part-time crappy night shift job; for whom I stayed home all day for four years, changing diapers, making food, playing games; who I took to the doctor; who I played with at home, at the zoo, at the playground; my beloved little monster turns to me and says:

"What is he, like a daddy or something?"

Like a stake through the heart that kid sometimes.

I've never had a more penetrating critique of my parenting style than that moment right there. So I made a promise on the spot: Less yelling. Decidedly less yelling.


I started this page with the idea of posting stories about my daughter, then I went and posted them over at my review page, but finally it just seemed cooler to put them over here.

So, I'm migrating some I've written recently and will be posting new ones soon.